After Class

A system for facilitating the forming of online social groups for massive open online courses.

Conquerors of Gitonia

A game roughly based on git concepts written in dart.

UDJ Web Client

A web app written in Dart which controls the UDJ Social Media Player.

Liquid (ACM@UIUC Web Site)

Web site for ACM@UIUC, one of the largest student chapters in the country, written in Django. This project worked to replace an old system that was out of date as well as to combine many existing systems in to a single more maintainable one.

Word on the Tweet

Twitter client that uses a mixture of machine learning and a grab bag approach to classify tweets as either positive or negative sentiment and display them on a board.

Chroma Scripts

A collaborative system to create animations for a light display which hangs from the ceiling of the ACM@UIUC office.

EWS Graph

An investigation into creating a visual display of usage of computer clusters availible to Engineering students at the University of Illinois.

Chrome Boggle

A simple chrome extension and server written in Go to play Boggle.